About Us

A husband and wife team, Marc Taxiera and Brianne Myers combine their talents and love for the restaurant business. Marc in the kitchen and Brianne in the front of house, they have spent decades refining their craft at some of the most iconic restaurants in the city; now bringing their passion to Westchester.

Chef Marc’s resume includes Executive Chef of the acclaimed Russian Tea room and the ultra-seasonal Beppe restaurant. Brianne has been the General Manager of iconic places like Eataly, BLT Steak, and the renowned Loring Place – to name a few.

Augustine’s will be Chef Marc’s shining example of his ability to source local and seasonal ingredients. Finding his passion while in culinary school, his vision for his own restaurant continued to grow throughout his career. His philosophy is simple; take the best raw ingredients you can source and showcase them with minimal processing.

Brianne believes and advises staff to live by a very important standard: Surround yourself with people you enjoy and can learn from every day. She’s had the opportunity to learn from some of the best to create attentive, yet nonintrusive service. Her motto is “Service is best when it is felt and not forced “.

Our Story

Augustine, Chef Marc’s grandfather and also Chefs Marc’s middle name, was a World War II veteran. Angelina was Marc’s grandmother born and raised in San Leucio, a village outside of Caserta. While in Italy, Augustine fell in love and married Angelina in what was described as a movie-like scene: Angelina first seeing this American soldier out of the window of the store she was working at.

After their courtship, wedding and the birth of Marcs mother, they relocated to Augustines’ home in the United States. Augustine loved pasta so much and for every Sunday supper Angelina would make it especially for him. Augustine was so fanatical about his Sunday pasta that he made a special fork, so the tongs were bent for optimal ‘pasta-to-mouth-delivery’. When Augustine passed, he was buried with pounds of spaghetti and his favorite fork.

Augustine and Angelina
Augustine and Angelina
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Locally Inspired & Farm Driven

At Augustine’s we believe in supporting family run businesses especially when the products produced are of quality. This is why we have a program with the awesome folks over at Walking R Ranch. They produce the highest quality of Grass-fed Longhorn Beef. The cattle are treated ethically, and finished in a way where they could be put on a pasture with no ill effects. That could not be said for the typical beef at the grocery store.